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also known as The Creature of the Sunny-Side-Up Trailer Park | Bloodhead

The Cult of the Evil Geezers2006

  • 3.1
Christopher Coppola's THE CULT OF THE EVIL GEEZERS is no doubt the first trailer-trash comedy about demonic cult worshippers and racial intolerance. When the owner of an Afrocentric cafe (Andre Ware) and a bigoted redneck (Steve Hedden) discover they've inherited property from a mother they never knew, neither of these hot-headed bruisers are at all pleased to meet their "lost-long brother." Weird goings-on in the desert community they've been summoned to force a reluctant alliance, however. Among the "geezers" who know something they don't (something involving a murderous man-sized reptilian creature of the general "Black Lagoon" variety) are an all-star roster of aging celebrities including erstwhile Lynda Carter, Shirley Jones, Frank Gorshin and Bernie Kopell. This amusingly daft sendup of '70s drive-in cinema and 1950s monster movies (complete with a film-within-the-film, TEXAS VAMPIRE MASSACRE) leaves no vintage pop culture in-joke unturned. Like some of the grade-Z genre films it was inspired by, CULT is also known under other colorful titles, including THE CREATURE OF SUNNY-SIDE-UP PARK and THE CURSE OF BLOODHEAD. - Dennis Harvey

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