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also known as Die Konsequenz

The Consequence1977

  • 3.7
Martin has been sent to jail. While there he meets fifteen-year-old Thomas, the son of one of the prison staff. Thomas immediately develops a deep crush on Martin. The two men find (and share) their mutual passion behind the locked door of Martin's cell. Once released, the two move in together and attempt to start a new life. But society will not let them. Harassed at every turn, Martin is fired from jobs, Thomas is sent to reform school. The two never again find the peace and happiness they found behind bars. Startling for its open and honest depiction of gay romance, this classic from 1977 by celebrated filmmaker Wolfgang Petersen is one of the earliest gay films to come out of Europe. [Unfortunately, the subtitles are not particularly legible at times. This is the best source presently available.]

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Member Reviews (2)

top reviewer

Not an erotic gay film, "The Consequence" is a moving account of consequences of a character's homosexual behavior before the start of the movie. The actors are good: the younger man appropriately beautiful, the handsome older man with a well-earned face, the others exaggerated stereotypes. The black and white emphasis on the inevitable, miserable consequences continues to ring true. Well worth watching, both for its timely appearance in 1977 and its continuing timeliness now.

beautifully shot, deft acting. Interesting story tho it had a few lapses. Great chemistry between the principle actors. 3 & 1/2 stars might have been more accurate to describe how i felt about it over all. Well worth the time especially if you're interested in the history of gay social issues.