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The Connection1962

  • 4.0
One of the most vital, fascinating films of the American independent world was created by a female director, Shirley Clarke, at a time when they were in very short supply. The film shattered stereotypes in just about every conceivable way. For her first feature film, she decided to take on a controversial play by Jack Gelber that was running off-Broadway. THE CONNECTION was a play within a play within a jazz concert. It portrayed a group of drug addicts, some of them jazz musicians, waiting in a New York loft apartment for their drug connection. A producer and a writer, meanwhile, have entered their lives to study them and write a play about them. The brilliantly written Beat dialogue was blended with jazz music written by the great pianist Freddie Redd.

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Member Reviews (1)

If i was basing my rating on the music alone it would be at least 3 or 4. However, most of the acting is stiff, probably due mostly to the overly contrived dialogue, cliche after cliche. Don't bother unless you're a big fan of jazz. Even so some fine riffs are interrupted by inane "cool" gab.