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also known as Los colores de la montaña

The Colors of the Mountain2010

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  • 3.5
Young Manuel lives with his hard-working farmer parents in the remote, mountainous region of the Colombian countryside. While the adults in their lives try to avoid both the armed military and the guerrilla rebels fighting each other in the area, Manuel and his friend Julián are obsessed with playing soccer any chance they get. Shortly after his birthday, the new ball Manuel received as a gift gets kicked off to a minefield, and he, Julián and their albino friend Poca Luz will do everything in their power to recover their prized belonging, an essential part of their everyday lives and dreams.
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Member Reviews (2)

top reviewer

The charm of this film is modest. I want to delve into the crux of this experience: the plight of humble, ordinary agriculturalists caught within the conflict between the oppressive government forces and the similarly imposing guerrillas. But the storyline and the script are somewhat clumsy. The actors do well in bolstering affection for the characters, and that is sufficient in maintaining comparatively modest engagement as the narrative unfolds. At the 1 hour mark, it does seem somewhat long, as the foreboding conflict builds and there is still 1/2 an hour to go. Like a wave from the Ocean of that figurative refuge of the agrarian householder, the story gradually crescendos unto the sands of the Seashore. Love And Peace.

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top reviewer

"The Colors of the Mountain" is an aesthetically beautiful film with a grim reality. Manuel is concerned about two things: his football and drawing pictures in class. The simplicity of being eight is overshadowed by the world around him and the things that are changing. The perfect metaphor for this whole movie is the football landing in the mine field. Manuel is the football of the story, crisp, clean, new, but the mines are all around him, waiting to explode.