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also known as The Frightened Lady

The Case of the Frightened Lady1940

  • 3.7
The ancient and mysterious house of Mark's Priory is the family seat of the Lebanon family. Lady Lebanon is desperate to have an heir to carry on the family name and has told her son, Lord William, that he must marry his niece, Isla Crane. But Lord William has no intention of marrying, and Isla has fallen in love with a young architect who is renovating Mark's Priory. Lady Lebanon's desire to have the Lebanon name continue, along with her doctor's scheming intrigues, creates a crescendo of tension that only murder can release. But who is the homicidal maniac, and what sinister motives lurk beneath the servants' strange behavior? As the police are called in to investigate, the shadows of terror and death lurk in every corner of Mark's Priory.

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"I say its a jolly good show!" The characters are stiff and haughty. The plot is painfully slow. Yet still, if you can hang in there till the finish, you are rewarded with an unexpected ending and a satisfying murder mystery.

Who done it? Who is killing off the family members and why? There are more skeletons in the Lebanon closet than most cemeteries. Once the prime suspect was cleared, I immediately knew who the murderer was and how he got away with it. The clues are all there. You just need to carefully watch for them.

By far, the ending was the best part of the film. Did it go on for too long? Perhaps, but it did explain all of the questionable behavior. The last line of the film could have inspired a well-known Elton John song.

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3 1/2 charming silly sweet & stiff_everyone is good in this even the creeps_ i didn't guess who_so i was fooled_but i would have married the Isla_fun film

top reviewer

Old-fashioned 1930s style mystery that goes off in an unexpected direction. Sort of thing I loved back in the old "Late Late Movie" days.

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top reviewer

Creepy, diverting, often over the top flick with a surprise ending that goes on too long; it nevertheless kept my attention, so I award it three stars.

The Lebanon's have been around since Cesaer it seems however there is a problem in the heir department. Seems the only son is barking mad as was his papa, so what to do about it. Well, marry him to the family secretary. Right. No. I don't think so. After a few murders the son has his shining moment to chew up the scenery and all comes to an end with the matriarch bemoaning about a thousand years and now zip. Too bad, all those royals are way too inbred anyway, lots of fruit cakes.