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The Campaign1982


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  • 4.3
Focusing on a mayoral race in Muncie, Indiana, THE CAMPAIGN follows closely the personalities, strategies and pressures of an American political contest. In particular, it examines the sharply contrasting styles and backgrounds of the Democratic and Republican candidates.

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"...a bellwether film, not only capturing an emergent shift in political ideology and behavior, but also itself playing a role in shaping the dominant narrative for American politics that prevails to this very day." - Michael Sicinski, Keyframe

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top reviewer

Good look behind the scenes. Remarkable contrast between the two candidates: one sharing his vision, the other trying the remember what his handlers have been telling him to say/believe. I can't think of many politicians I liked or even respected, (and I remember when Curley was elected mayor of Boston when he was still in his jail cell) but there may be some wisdom in selecting a candidate on the basis of his ability to listen, think, understand, and perhaps one for whom "compromise" is not a dirty word. Can't vouch for the bias/non-bias of the candidates, but I'd vote for the one who could do the job at hand. I thought the film did a great job snatching the moments of ideological fervor and the sometimes apparent lack of common sense. One of our major parties has worked hard to get people to vote their emotions. The other party seems to prefer reasonable thinking. Too bad people are so easily led into pursuing emotional passion in the voting booth. I hope a lot of people will watch this film, whether or not they agree with my take on it. It's a good look behind the scenes.