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The Business of America1984

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  • 3.8
THE BUSINESS OF AMERICA is the first film to probe one of our most treasured economic assumptions: that private corporations can be trusted to make the investments upon which all Americans depend. The film contrasts two Pittsburgh steelworkers conventional faith in private enterprise with the actual strategies and priorities of a giant corporation, U.S. Steel. It traces their growing realization that despite "supply side" business claims, increased profits don't necessarily "trickle down" to working Americans.

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top reviewer

Don't be put off by the illusion that this documentary is "old". The problems (structural unemployment, financialization, regulatory and legislative capture, short-term planning, etc.) and potential solutions discussed in it are alive today. Some additional ways out exist now, such as working full-time on Amazon Mechanical Turk, but on the whole it's a contemporary, if not timeless, story.

Not crazy about this one, but it was interesting to see how many things are still the same.

They don't make 'em like the used to...Very informative and entertaining. Refreshingly unpretentious.