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The Busher1919

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  • 3.3
An early baseball-themed feature produced by Thomas Ince, THE BUSHER is a delightful "dramedy" (a hybrid of comedy and drama) featuring silent cinema legends Charles Ray, Colleen Moore and John Gilbert.



Member Reviews (3)

John Gilbert's acting carries the day. A simple, common, but moving tale. I enjoyed it.

The story in itself is nothing much, but it's hard in the long run to withstand the considerable charms of The Busher. The cinematography is gorgeous, framing and pacing picture-perfect, and although a young John Gilbert plays the cad, the film belongs to Charles Ray as the young, penniless hick with a talent for baseball, but none of the bravado. Ray is a wonder of natural alertness, everything he does is considered and lowkey, and he is always genuinely moving.

Very very very very very basic story, one that's probably been told 10,000 times between this being made and the present day. Has some charm