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also known as Le frères Boutdebois

The Boutdebois Brothers1908

Sorry. This film is not currently available.

  • 3.4
Émile Cohl combines puppetry and stop-motion animation in this surprisingly graceful rendition of a vaudeville routine. Two miniatures perform on a painted stage, twirling through an uncannily lifelike acrobat routine.



Member Reviews (4)

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top reviewer

Thank You M O M A. I am gratefull for every Emil Cohl that is made available.

I would love to find "THE AUTOMATIC MOVING CO."

top reviewer

Like his compatriot Melies, Cohl matches stage theatrics with the magic of cinematic imagery!

Cute, but dull. Probably amazing for its time.

Early animation such as this should primarily be approached as a lesson in the history of film. The innovation and creativity of the late 19th and early 20th centuries is nothing short of incredible. I can't say this film gave me the giddy feeling that other pieces from this time do, but it is charming in its own way.