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also known as L'uccello dalle piume di cristallo

The Bird with the Crystal Plumage 1970

  • 3.8
An American writer (Tony Musante) traveling in Rome is the only witness to an attempted murder by a sinister man in a raincoat and black leather gloves, though he is powerless to do anything to stop him. With a feeling that something is not quite right about the scene he has witnessed and the police's inability to make any progress, he launches his own personal investigation and nearly loses his life in the process. While this modern day Jack the Ripper type is slithering through the dark byways of Rome slicing up pretty girls, director Dario Argento is carving up the emotions of terrified viewers. Dark deeds are mixed with black comedy worthy of Alfred Hitchcock in a film of almost unbearable tension and nail-biting suspense.

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Member Reviews (6)

Generic giallo junk, lightly enhanced by Argento's stylized approach to violence/action sequences. Dialogue scenes are shot and staged with the enthusiasm of a root canal. Plotting and characterization an afterthought.

A hollow shell of what he would become as a filmmaker.

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Excellent. Well paced, no deceptions, but just enough slight of hand to make it all play.

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Great movie. Great to see Tony in the movie. Keeps you glued to you seat. You need to see it right to the


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top reviewer

"Bring in the Perverts! Look @ them carefully & see if you recognize anyone..." A friendly warning to all you gore-hounds; don't expect L'uccello Dalle Piume Di Cristallo to deliver much. His trademark stylized violence hasn't been fully formed here. Its more like a random-out-of-nowhere-scratch-from-your-pet-type violence. "Whats the matter? You don't like cat?"

Also Noteworthy: Morricone's "lalalalalalalalala" score.

No better than a bad made for tv movie.

Argento's first film, but not his best. still a classic nonetheless.