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The Bigamist1953

  • 3.9
This is the story of Harry Graham and his wife Eve who want to adopt a child. At the adoption agency they are interviewed by Mr. Jordan, who at first sight believes that they might be a perfect couple but he becomes concerned when Harry appears uneasy at the mention of background checks into their lifestyle.

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"Contrasting with Lupino’s previous directing gig THE HITCH-HIKER, there is no true villain in THE BIGAMIST, only a tragic situation; Luipino and screenwriter Collier Young impart audience empathy for each character." - Brian Darr, Keyframe

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Ida Lupino stars in and bravely directs this 1953 film that deals with what must have been, (and still is) the taboo subject of bigamy. Not only is the subject matter a tough one, but she must have also faced a few challenges as one of the first pioneering female directors. Joan Fontain and Edmond O'Brian star with Ida Lupino in this great film!

Why no subtitles for the hearing impaired?

I just didn't expect anything this nuanced in a 1953 film, well worth watching