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The Back of Her Head 2007

  • 3.8
Josh Safdie made this assured comedy in and around his apartment building when he was still a film student at Boston University. The dioramic setup plays like a vertical REAR WINDOW: a shy daydreamer (played by Safdie) lives above an older Hindi man who lives above a reckless Brit who lives above a girl stuck in a bad relationship. The boy two floors up can only see the back of the girl’s head but that’s enough for a crush to develop. Safdie makes the most out of the single location, deploying dynamic camera angles, wry slapstick and even a couple of crane shots for a whimsical picture of city living.

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Member Reviews (15)

A man is killed. No explanation or consequence. Ill conceived.

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This short moves well. The actor playing the protagonist does well to maintain an understated charisma. The man yearns without becoming stalkerish. And there is nice, continual interplay and development between the residents. Love And Peace.

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wonderful. love it.

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This little gem of a film turns an insignificant situation into an funny but absorbing story with its clever vertical setup, precise pacing and low-budget but lucid cinematography. Josh Safdie could probably make the line at the DMV interesting.

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A nerd's view.

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Made me feel young again. Well done.

Fabulous. Fun and unexpected. Strange ending.

The most unexpected things happen in this short movie. Strong impact. Kudos!!! Excellent job!


Could be a pilot for a series. Lots of fun and suspense. A large audience could be able to associate with this.

sucked, too slow

Fun short film!

A bitter sweet reflection on apartment life in the big city..Mildly amusing.

my GF couldn't understand what they were saying. I thought it was ok.

the back of her head is RIDICULOUS!