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The Automatic Moving Company1911

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  • 4.0
Historian Donald Crafton credits this 1911 Pathé Frères film THE AUTOMATIC MOVING COMPANY to Romeo Bosetti; it too is an imitation of an earlier work, Emile Cohl's MOBILIER FIDELE, made in 1910 for Pathe's rival, Gaumont. However, Cohl also worked for Pathe in 1911 and the two artists sometimes collaborated. Regardless of authorship, it's brilliant. Only the scale of the straw reveals it to have been achieved in miniature.



Member Reviews (8)

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top reviewer

Quite the charming little piece that reminds us what it's like actually moving the furniture bit by bit for the stop animation. Kind of child-like event to get to share in.

Very fun, the time that they must have needed to move the parts that made up the movements are so smooth and just think of it no computers .GREAT STUFF

This was a great example of early stop-motion animation. The use of miniature was surprisingly deceptive.

I thought it was quite entertaining.



If it were only possible.

It's a great example of film history and a clear indication of how prevalent stop motion animation has been throughout the years.