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also known as Die Künstler

The Artists2006

  • 3.3
Director Susanne Ullerich had often asked herself, “How will I earn money [as an artist]?” Because she couldn’t easily answer this and many other questions, she decided to interview other like-minded people. The interviews all take place in a studio, where the goal was to place the interviewees in a sort of job interview situation. The interviewees have many different nationalities and backgrounds and were subjected to a litany of questions covering the themes of work, art, satisfaction, wishes, creativity, study and their personal life situations. The goal was not to build a personal profile of each individual, but rather to present a forum to discuss each of the questions. The filmmaker is presented in voice-over commentary as well as fictional, experimental scenes in which she is presented as a split personality in different situations depicting the process of a job search. What is work? Am I satisfied? What is art?

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Nine artists, four musicians, two journalists, one photographer, one actress and one designer discuss the difference between art and work.

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I found myself constantly getting up to do something else while watching this documentary. It did not hold my attention as I thought it would. I think the reason is that I kept wanting more from this film. The interviewed "artists" were not as interesting as I had hoped, one or two of them were hopeless. That isn't to say that I hated the work as presented. It just didn't go deep enough. I think if the number of persons interviewed had been cut in half it might have been better and the questions asked could have delved deeper into issues of art and today's world. For instance, if a photographer doesn't understand or finds it difficult to articulate the difference between "art" and "work" then what sort of issue does that reveal?