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The Architecture of Doom1989

  • 4.2
Featuring never-before-seen film footage of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime, THE ARCHITECTURE OF DOOM captures the inner workings of the Third Reich and illuminates the Nazi aesthetic in art, architecture and popular culture. From Nazi party rallies to the final days inside Hitler's bunker, this sensational film shows how Adolf Hitler rose from being a failed artist to creating a world of ponderous kitsch and horrifying terror. Hitler worshipped ancient Rome and Greece, and dreamed of a new Golden Age of classical art and monumental architecture, populated by beautiful, patriotic Aryans. "Degenerate" artists and "inferior" races had no place in his lurid fantasy. As this riveting film shows, the Nazis went from banning the art of modernists like Picasso to forced euthanasia of the retarded and sick, and finally to the persecution of homosexuals and the extermination of Jews.

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Are there not American architectural counterparts in all their brutalist and monumentalist glory?

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A disinteresting study of a fascinating mind. Adolf Hitler was probably the most important person of the twentieth century. One of the blackest men to walk the earth, and yet he was a genius in so many ways. There are so many brilliant biographies and yet he remains such an enigma. Had he died suddenly in 1937, history would have likely called him a hero. Instead he drew 50 million people into his unique black hole, ultimately taking them, and much of Europe to a miserable end.

His unique understanding of the power of speech, the magic of radio, and the persuasiveness of propaganda made him a power unlike any other in history. If you want to know more, there are many good books. I don't think this film does much at all to capture the charisma and brilliance that made him such a tour d'force.

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One of the most remarkable, informative films on what inspired the Nazi regime, and how the party came to fruition, simply astonishing. The film explains how the ideology was created, and used artwork, such as photography and sculpture, to inspire evil and hatred in the masses. The movie goes into detail, like no other film on the subject. One of the most powerful documentaries I've ever seen.

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This is another viewpoint of HItler's "master plan." Some will find it interesting.

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A new slant on Hitler. More concerned about getting rid of the Jews than the war.

An excellent and graphic account of a national cult that cannot and must not be forgotten.