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The Ape Man1943

  • 3.3
Bela Lugosi really throws himself into an atypical role as a mad scientist whose over-successful experiments have somehow resulted in him sporting the most impressive mutton-chop sideburns this side of the Wolfman and spending most of his time in a cage with an actual gorilla (or, rather, a man in an ape suit: Emil van Horn, whose entire screen career seems to have consisted of such costumed appearances). Anxious to return to normal, the doc demands, "I must have human spinal fluid injected into me!" even though that requires the gorilla-strangled death of many an innocent bystander. Directed with verve (as well as haste) by the infamous William "One-Shot" Beaudine, this Monogram cheapie was derived from a story by silent-era director and cinematographer Karl Brown, who'd started out as an assistant to D.W. Griffith. Brown makes an onscreen appearance at the very end that underlines just how none-too-seriously everyone concerned took this project. So does reporter Wallace Ford's riposte to glamorous lady photographer Louise Currie when she gets a little too sassy for his taste: "Cocky little wench, aren't you?" - Dennis Harvey

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Like most of Bela Lugosi's Monogram pictures, you're never quite sure if the filmmakers were trying to do a parody or not. But as always, Bela gives it everything he's got and manages to rise above the cheapness of the production. And Louise Currie is always a welcome presence.