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The Anabasis of May and Fusako Shigenobu, Masao Adachi and 27 Years Without Images2011

  • 3.2
Mixing personal stories, political history, revolutionary propaganda and film theory, renowned artist Eric Baudelaire illuminates the idealism and radicalism of left-wing extremist movements in the 1970s by connecting the stories of two of its protagonists: May Shigenobu, daughter of the founder of the Japanese Red Army, and Masao Adachi, the legendary Japanese director who gave up cinema to take up arms with the Red Army and the Palestinian cause. In this striking work, the voices and memories of May and Adachi (whom we never see), along with super 8mm footage and archival material, lead us on an anabasis (a journey that is both a wandering towards the unknown and a return towards home) into the political and personal fate of the Japanese Red Army, spanning thirty years, from Tokyo to Beirut.

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