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The Ambassador2011

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  • 4.1
This darkly comic, genre-bending piece of gonzo journalism from international provocateur Mads Brügger (filmmaker of Sundance Grand Jury Prize winner RED CHAPEL) rips the corroded lid off the global scheme of political corruption and exploitation happening in one of the most dangerous places on the planet: the Central African Republic. Armed with a phalanx of hidden cameras, black-market diplomatic credentials and a bleeding-edge wit, Brügger transforms himself into an outlandish caricature of a European-African consul. As he immerses himself in the life-threatening underworld of nefarious bureaucrats, Brügger encounters blood diamond smuggling, bribery, and even murder, while somehow managing to crack amazing razor-sharp barbs at every step along the way. From each absurdly terrifying/hilarious situation to the next, THE AMBASSADOR is a one-of-a-kind excursion.

Member Reviews (3)

Very smart.

interesting and frightening, tension filled drama about a Danish Man who struggles and risks all to become a "blood diamond" merchant.

the reality of the circumstances surrounding this film- truly horrific, yet oh so interesting. I just spent the past semester at American University researching how former French colonies in Sub-Saharan were pre-disposed to democratic shortcomings due to the nature of administration, rampant corruption being one factor of life stemming from colonial times. I've never previously heard of Mads Brügger but I must admit that I'm quite intrigued by this snarky Dane and wish I included his work within my research process.