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also known as L’agonie de Byzance

The Agony of Byzance1913

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  • 3.5
An unusual period-piece from legendary French director Louis Feuillade, set near the end of the Byzantine Empire, THE AGONY OF BYZANCE chronicles the assault on (and the subsequent fall of) the city of Constantinople by the Ottoman Turks. Costume drama at its finest!


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Fascinating and elaborately produced. The story proceeds in a series of large stage-picture scenes, that combine elements of theatrical scenery with a surprising amount of 3-dimensional action and special effects. You can see the influence of Melies' early cinema, but this reveals subtle advancements that add to the overall effect. What it lacks in intimate story elements is more than made up for by the impressive production value of the large historical scenes.

If there were credits for the music, I missed them. Kino Lorber should provide that information.

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top reviewer

A supreme "FANDOR FIND", Louis Feuillade the unsung wizard of French Cinema. His serials are exotic jewels of imagination. This film is ideed a treasure! The Artistic Integrity of "AGONY"is strong and pure. FEUILLADE achieves the effect of an animated Rennaissance Painting, A master of Epic scope, and minute detail seemlessly fused into Cinema! Not a wasted frame in the entire film. I seriously recommend this film. A must see for Cinephiles!