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The 7 Greatest Bathrooms in Los Angeles2009

  • 2.9
Mel, a disenchanted 20-year old, encounters sinners in 7 different bathrooms around the city of Los Angeles. With each excursion, Mel and the sinners, each connected to one of the seven deadly sins, learn something about each other. Mel's adventures, told through a series of vignettes, survey different mind sets found throughout the city. From a lazy police officer who used to be a surgeon to a bi-polar Yakuza team, Mel's pursuit of self discovery is filled with road blocks. With final ironic twists on each story, Mel eventually is back where he began, but has he changed? THE 7 GREATEST BATHROOMS IN LOS ANGELES is a contemporary, character-driven dark comedy that tells a fully realized story in an 85-minute long film. Written, directed and produced by Yu Inose, it was shot on Genesis and 35mm both on location and sound stages in Los Angeles.

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Member Reviews (1)

top reviewer

I would say closer to 3.5 stars. It's thought-out and insightful but the acting occasionally misses the mark, which can make a scene's point fall flat. I feel that films with limited setting should up the ante on acting since that is where the viewer's focus is going to primarily be.

Directing: 3.5

Acting: 2.7

Cinematography: 4

Plot/Meaning/Depth: 4