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also known as Black Terrorist


  • 2.3
Also known as BLACK TERRORISTS and supposedly based on an actual incident, this made-in-1976 feature (yet released two years later) is an interesting peek at the era's emerging South African cinema. An isolated rural house is besieged by armed intruders who'd expected the residents to be on vacation. Upon finding the residents present, they kill most, black and white alike. Managing to escape is the beautiful Anna (played by blonde Vera Jones, who'd been disqualified from running for Miss South Africa when it was discovered she was born in Rhodesia). Anna eventually enlists help from a American visitor and a pro-Afrikaaner "commando" (working undercover as a gas station attendant) to rescue her kidnapped youngest family member. The racial politics are blatantly pro-Apartheid with the black intruders painted as heartless "savages" not averse to killing or raping anyone. But despite that dated, inflammatory subtext, this remains a tensely economical thriller that has a certain grim energy and fascination. The crisp photography makes notable use of the stark surrounding landscapes. - Dennis Harvey

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Member Reviews (1)

Rather dated and does not hold-up. Wish I had the 66 minutes back.