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also known as 36 Hours

Terror Street1953

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  • 3.3
A U.S. Air Force pilot becomes the logical suspect after his wife is shot and killed. The thirty-six hours he has to clear himself are filled with twists and turns culminating in an exciting climax.


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Member Reviews (5)

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It starts out pretty well but soon is undone by a tired, bad acting job from Dan Duryea; he is really dreadful, shouting most of his lines, telegraphing, and adopting tense body poses, although in his partial defense the script is pretty bad too, never more so than at the contrived, ridiculous ending with its forced, improbable dialogue; a failed attempt at Film Noir, of which there are so many better examples.

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Good film, thank you!

I liked it a lot..

worth watching for Dan Duryea

good noir film, easy to follow story .