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also known as Victor Frankenstein

Terror of Frankenstein1977

  • 3.2
Two years after directing an unusual documentary investigation into the vampire legend, monster maven Calvin Floyd tried his hand at traditional adaptation with the Frankenstein story. While TERROR OF FRANKENSTEIN lacks IN SEARCH OF DRACULA’s secondary interpretations, Floyd's scholarly interest in narrative sources is still richly evident. Eschewing the lurid thrills of exploitation pictures, TERROR OF FRANKENSTEIN shores up the gothic atmosphere of Mary Shelley’s original novel with its methodical pacing, Victorian costuming, Arctic-set frame story and altogether philosophical contemplation of dread.

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Member Reviews (3)

top reviewer

Pretentious, dull, and "literary," this is precisely what you would expect from filmmakers who consider themselves too good to make a horror picture. Can't hold a candle to Whale or Fisher.

Not bad. It was different than most Frankenstein movies I have seen over the years.

this version was ok...not my favorite, but still ok.