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also known as Blood Creature

Terror is a Man1959

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  • 3.5
Following after the example of Val Lewton’s 1940s horror films, this drive-in ready adaptation of H.G. Wells’ THE ISLAND OF DOCTOR MOREAU wrings psychological anguish and terse visual effects from its low-budget expressionism. The film begins with a naïve sailor (William Fitzgerald) washing up onto Girard’s island. Director Gerardo de Leon shows us just enough of the puma-human hybrid to hurry the islands’ natives off the island, leaving only the few people in the doctor’s compound. Many critics have understood the film as an allegory of the United States’ colonial record in the Phillipines, a testament to the ambiguity of the film’s monster. Psychosexual tensions and power differentials electrify the air between the characters, to say nothing of manacled id in the basement. TERROR IS A MAN is generally regarded as the best of the “Blood Island” pictures de Leon directed for American producers, but as critic Mark Holcomb wrote of the Filipino auteur, “Even under the most dire circumstances [de Leon] exercised a characteristic cinematic bravado.”



Member Reviews (6)

A fun old movie. A good version of Dr. Moreau. Certainly better than the horrible Marlon Brando version.

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Good performances and great, moody cinematography.

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The scientist is too inconsistent to even make this funny in a bad way. He is experimenting to make the perfect human, but then when he is attacked for his views of "playing God" he defends himself by saying he is just a scientist. Silly, but not silly enough, and the creature effects hardly ever even show up except in pretty sketches. Too dull to entertain, even as a B movie.

This is the best and most understated adaptation of H.G. Wells' "The Island of Doctor Moreau" ever made. It is terse and terrifying as well as morbid and sad all at the same time. Excellent.