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also known as Dah


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  • 4.0
  • passes the bechdel test
Celebrated Iranian writer-director Abbas Kiarostami once again casts his masterful cinematic gaze upon the modern sociopolitical landscape of his homeland, this time as seen through the eyes of one woman as she drives through the streets of Tehran over a period of several days. Her journey is comprised of ten conversations with various female passengers, including her sister, a hitchhiking prostitute and a jilted bride, as well as her imperious young son. As Kiarostami's "dashboard cam" eavesdrops on these lively, heart-wrenching road trips, a complex portrait of contemporary Iran comes sharply into focus.



Member Reviews (3)

top reviewer

I thought this was a fascinating glimpse into Iranian culture done in a very skillful and stylish manner.

Heavy and listless. This film's confined location and limited shots bring out the emotional tension of the characters. The main character argues with her 9 year old son about what women's rights and roles are as he blames her in a patriarchal way for his emotions around his parents divorce and his desire for a subservient mother. Through her stress and pain around this, she gives people, mainly women, rides in her car and carries on existential conversations with them. The most memorable conversation for me was one she had with a sex worker, who she interrogated about "why they do this" and who eventually retorted "who paid for your necklace?"

It was so boring that I stopped watching it