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Teenage Zombies1959

  • 2.9
Made with little effort and even less money, the '​5​0s​ cult classic TEENAGE ZOMBIES stands in mockery of every film production that never saw completion or release. Writer​/​director​/​producer Jerry Warren, who wrote the script in seven days and shot the film in five on what he claimed was "one-tenth of the lowest possible budget you could think of," admitted its existence had less to do with artistic inspiration than a vacuum at the bottom of a double bill with THE INCREDIBLE PETRIFIED WORLD. Its plot revolves around a group of teenaged friends who, while looking for a good spot to waterski, discover a secret island lorded over by the nefarious Dr. Myra (H.G. Wells allusion ​fully intentional)​ ​who is developing a chemical agent intended to turn everyone in the U​.​S​.​ into communist zombie drones. The agent, however, only turns some of the test subjects docile; others become violently psychotic while others, more curiously, turn into gorillas. Included in the cast is Warren's wife Brianne Murphy​ ​who​,​ in 1980​, ​would become the first female director of photography on a major studio film (FATSO​ for director Anne Bancroft​). Murphy and Warren divorced shortly after production wrapped on TEENAGE ZOMBIES. [Apologies for the poor source quality of this film. It is presented here in the best transfer currently available.] - Tom Fritsche

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Member Reviews (3)

top reviewer

Some kids go water skiing and decide to picnic on an abandoned island. Only it isn't abandoned. A scientist is busy creating zombie slaves for communist agents. She grabs the kids to be the subjects of further experiments. This is not a good movie. The acting is just terrible and little of it makes much sense. It does have zombie gorillas and teenage girls in shorts, so there's that going for it.

There are some elements of a cult classic here; poor acting, plot holes (some a kilometre wide), sets and scenes reused and rehashed, and unintentional (one assumes) comedic moments. However, I would suggest you watch this only if you are a die-hard B-movie fan. Being one myself, I found it just barely worthwhile.

kooky kids.....LETS GO HORSEBACK RIDING!!!!!