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Tears of Gaza2010

  • 4.2
In a rough style, by way of unique footage, the brutal consequences of modern wars are exposed. The film also depicts the ability of women and children to handle their everyday life after a dramatic war experience. Many of them live in tents or in ruins without walls or roofs. They are all in need of money, food, water and electricity. Others have lost family members, or are left with seriously injured children. Can war solve conflicts or create peace? The film follows three children through the war and the period after the ceasefire.

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How can anyone, even its own citizens, support the Israeli brutal genocide of the Palestinians? Do their cowardly pilots get a kick out of killing people while they themselves are completely free from any retribution. How about the tank drivers who indiscrimately bomb and destroy occupied houses. Or the snipers, secure in their advanced equipment, pick off random civilians. All this murder takes place while Israel complains to the world what victims they are and reminds us of the holocaust--as though theirs was the only genocide. Gaza reminds me of nothing so much as the Warsaw ghetto in WWII. One would think the Jews would have learned some compassion from their own experience.

Watching this 6 years after it was made, the same conditions exist and worsen daily. As extremely difficult as it is to watch, we must, and we must do something about it. The word I kept hearing in reference to Israel was the 'inhumanity,' and the United States is complicit in this inhumanity.

it would be great if everyone in the world would be required to view this film.

No. It's too simplistic, propaganda style without considering the larger picture of the conflict. With pictures like this the conflict will continue.

The ultimate obscenity. How appalling that 6 yrs. later the Gazans suffer the same, if not worse fate. Excellent, courageous filming. How ashamed I am of our administration which talked of peace but was promptly resupplying the Israelis w weapons. And the cowardly senate voting unanamously to support this carnage. Now more people have died in the 'truce' as were killed in the last slaughter. Gazans now are suffering from the cold from

lack of proper shelter due to lack of building materials. I can only hope that the ICC will deliver judgement against Israel.