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also known as Young Gangs of Wildwood High


  • 2.4
"We're supposed to be going steady, but you're not!" spits heroine Vicki at football captain Brian when she realizes he's been, uh, "playing ball" behind her back with half of womankind. In retaliation (but "only because I want Brian to recognize me as an individual!"), she insists on trying out for the team herself. This causes general boys-vs.-girls consternation, of course, even after she turns out to have actual talent as a "specialty kicker." Featuring only-in-the-seventies fashions and hairdos (and partly set at Poppa Tony's Pizza joint), TEAM-MATES is a vintage slice of Long Island teen-comedy pie with extra cheese. Most of its participants were never heard from again. But two supporting players, both making their screen debuts, eventually headed toward stardom. Future Golden Girl Estelle Getty has one scene as a history teacher harried by such phenomena as classroom boners and a trashcan fire that a student helpfully puts out with his trouser hose. Playing a birthday boy who drunkenly passes out at his own party is James Spader wearing a Miller Beer T-shirt, perhaps as winking advisement on how best to consume this film. - Dennis Harvey

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