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Tax Me If You Can2008

  • 3.5
We all know the mega rich pay much less tax than the rest of us but just how do they do it? After years working for a Liechtenstein bank, an employee turned whistleblower made off with thousands of incriminating documents. He then sold the data to a number of Western governments, who use it to track the fortunes that their wealthy citizens stashed into secret accounts. This is the remarkable story of Heinrich Kieber, roguish hero to some, amoral thief to others. A thrilling investigation into the world of large-scale tax fraud.

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Member Reviews (1)

One of the aspects displayed prominently in this 4 CORNERS doc is how defendants will plead the fifth in the courtroom but then their lawyers will make statements in the hallway outside the courtroom to reporters that are often, in this case, lies, because they can say these lies in the hallway w/o being under oath and, well, called out for there lies and legally held accountable.