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Tax Day1998

  • 3.9
  • passes the bechdel test
On a sunny April 15th morning, Irene and Paula set out on a walk to the post office. They're soon led astray by two young men who take them on an urban canoe ride through the downtown canals. As they make their way back to the post office, Irene and Paula are repeatedly diverted by a variety of encounters, sidewalk spectacles and reminiscences of past adventures. TAX DAY follows their vacation around town, in an ode to getting out into the world, and to the pleasures of a lost afternoon.

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"...realistic and hyperrealistic at the same time, reminds us of the potential richness of both life and filmmaking." - Lisa Alspector, Chicago Reader

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There is a scene in which a character describes a memory. Instead of recreating this memory in flashback or some other overly used narrative device -- Laura Colella does something simple yet fantastic. She allows the camera to act as not only a POV but also as a sort of actor's eyes that follow the memory in step and action. The viewer is left to fill in the visual space based on the character's well-scripted narration. It is a true exhilarating couple of minutes.

The first half of this film is innovative and serves as a sort of snapshot of Providence, RI as well as of the time in which it was filmed. "Tax Day" is very much rooted in the late 1990's. It takes root in a very good way.

This film is ambitious and as it moves into the second half the concept takes over story. The movie gets lost in itself.

I find it hard to articulate why I don't dislike a film that felt somehow out of balance. I guess the thing is that I enjoyed the first half of the movie so much that I have no regrets of sticking with it. The two lead actors are almost as compelling as the film. I had to stay with them through the end of their walk and day.

Not great, but an entertaining walk of a film.