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also known as Ta'm e guilass

Taste of Cherry1997

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  • 3.6
Winner of the Palme d'Or at the 1997 Cannes Film Festival, Iranian auteur Abbas Kiarostami's TASTE OF CHERRY is an emotionally complex meditation on life and death. Middle-aged Mr. Badii drives through the hilly outskirts of Tehran, searching for someone to rescue or bury him.

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top reviewer

From the onset, this film makes you feel very uncomfortable and unsettled. And when we finally realize the objective of the man behind the wheel, it's a long drive through a very arid terrain, and several unnerving interactions later, when it's clear that there is no ethical and moral dilemma. And we never get the why or how of his convictions. Life and death and perspective were determined way in advance of our viewing of this culminating moment. As arid as the terrain is in this film, the excavation, the birds, the sky and full moon, are all great metaphors for the ages and cycles it takes to reach this decision and destination. And the film makers give us an ending that is even more perplexing, perhaps clever and beguiling.

top reviewer

i saw it once before didn't care to see it again_it might be good i don't remember