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  • 4.1
This new medium of expression is the Absolute Film. Here the artist creates a world of color, form, movement and sound in which the elements are in a state of controllable flux, the two materials (visual and aural) being subject to any conceivable interrelation and modification. - Mary Ellen Bute



Member Reviews (4)

top reviewer

Mary Ellen Bute was an astronaut, pushing the outside of the envelope of animation. Yet Bute's film has has a warm glow in its hues and color palate that perfectly evoke the saturated color of the 1940's. In a sense, you could think of "Tarantella" as the anti-Fantasia, a ballet of pure color and form (and not a cute animal in sight) or a prelude to Chuck Jones' "The Dot and the Line" 25 years later. In any case, Mary Ellen Bute was a leader in her field.

top reviewer

Like the works of Viking Eggeling Oscar Fischinger this lovely animation dances with the musical score. The hypnotic homage to Duchamp's precession optics and concentric circles is a nice touch. Avante Garde for it's time today it is an excellent music video.

top reviewer

When I read the description for this film, I thought the term "visual music" was metaphorical. But no! This is actually visual music, and it's great. I love that the music guides the visual experience, rather than being in the background. I've seen narrative features that try to do this, but the music still just seems like it's intruding on the visual. Or, the music shapes the visual into something that it's not--as when directors rely on scary music to make you feel scared even when there's almost nothing in the scene to match the mood. Here, because the image is abstract, the music actually takes the foreground even though you can't see it. Or CAN you?

Entertaining, but not sure why. Pretty colours and engaging music perhaps? That can often be enough to keep me happy, so it might do for others as well.