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also known as Verano de Goliat

Summer of Goliath2010

  • 2.8
One can hardly swing a fistful of popcorn without hitting a "docu-fiction hybrid" these days. But fortunately Nicolás Pereda moves that conceit far forward with his ever-surprising, genre-bending SUMMER OF GOLIATH. Here, all forms of fiction, documentary, fantasy and reality are constantly at play and in question. What seems real may be acted (and vice versa). The "plot" features Pereda's favorite mother-and-son duo, Gabino and Teresa, with the former a soldier and the latter busy grunting through the woods like a wounded boar, confronting anyone (male or female) who may have stolen her man. Dizzyingly elliptical yet grounded in the rich, ever-green magnificence of the Mexican countryside, …GOLIATH is both "a microcosm of the Mexican social order" (as stated in Filmmaker Magazine) and a case study in cinema for the twenty-first century. - Jason Sanders

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Winner of the "Venice Horizons Award" at the 2010 Venice Film Festival.

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Great movie.

Education and the Culture and the mindset of a village that has low value of openness thinking not part of gossip that over rides everything.