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  • 3.6
In the tranquil small town of Suddenly, peace and quiet is disrupted one day by the news that the President's train will be arriving and that there might also be a possible assassination attempt. Frank Sinatra gives and electrifying performance as the psychotic killer hired to do the job. [Please excuse the poor source quality of this film. It is presented here in the best transfer currently available.]

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Member Reviews (6)

top reviewer

I really don't like Sinatra's music, but damn, his acting in the fifties was really amazing. He should have stuck with acting, in my opinion.

Good assassination attempt/hostage drama with lots of 50's jargon.

"What the Hades is going on here?"

"You Stink!"

"That's Swell"

Well acted and fairly plausible except for a few plot holes like:

* Why not tell the repair man that you didn't need him after all and send him on his way instead of taking another hostage?

* Sending one of the guys into town to check things out when the police are already on high alert and looking for strangers.

* Why would you have the television repair man working on the TV while you are trying to organize a hit?

Other than those small inconsistencies, it was gripping thriller.

Enjoy the ironic ending.

Well acted hostage drama piece, with a crime boss who finds the banter with his captives cathartic.

Hopefully Sinatra finished that sandwich, the man is skin and bones.

Interesting, although not greatly engaging. Not worth bothering with if you aren't a fan of older movies.

a classic, but doesn't hold up

Early 50's claptrap from TV director Allen. As usual Sinatra overacts, while Hayden's talents are wasted reciting a mouthful of homilies. Some good dialogue, but not enough to save the film.