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also known as Le Fabuleux gang des sept I The Company of Strangers

Strangers in Good Company1990

  • 4.4
  • passes the bechdel test
In this film by Academy Award® winner Cynthia Scott, seven old women become stranded at a deserted farmhouse miles from civilization. They don't have much food, a decent place to sleep or much in common. But these surprising, remarkable women turn a crisis into a magical time of humor and spirit.

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Member Reviews (4)

Brilliant format..The way the human spirit endures despite the obstacles placed in each own's way..ALL of them to survive..until they are rescued..many mile away from any civilization. It is pure magic!

Enjoyed, peaceful, assumption of your human neighbors are many times different than you assume. Beautiful filming.

Did not see it yet?..

I didn't love this film, though it was compelling to watch. Real old women, except an early middle aged bus driver--each one seemed to be playing herself. The plot was too simple and not simple enough. Their being stranded off the beaten path, without food except what they could gather, they kept their spirits up. Pretty surroundings, lovely music, slightly unconvincing & slow. Why were they together?

ellie4eyes is too young & perhaps a bit self absorbed to really be insightful enough to see that we are all ageless and the human spirit can endure!