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  • 3.0
Jack and David are good friends. So when both are dumped by their girlfriends, they move into an apartment together. David looks forward to their shared bachelor life. Then Jack works up the courage to come out to his friend. Things change. How these two different but similar men deal with that change and how their friendship and their other relationships fare in the midst of it all is the heart of this authentic and sharp-humored film.

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This is a really lovley film in the Cassavetes tradition, lots of improvisation, gritty film quality, and disarming realness! the actors are all really's also very Chicago, where it takes place....I recommend it

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This is a really lovley film in the Cassavetes tradition, lots of improvisation, gritty film quality, and disarming realness! the actors are all really's also very Chicago, where it takes place....I recommend it

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Loved it...great character study

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top reviewer

This is a good movie about an interesting subject. The acting has an indie quality of scenes improvised around a loosely defined subject, which is surprisingly dated in 2014. I liked the uncompromising way in which the squalid, awkward lives of these searching 20-somethings were presented... the simplicity of the sets, the piquant side characters, and the two leads themselves, who were rough around the edges in a not-ready-for-Hollywood way that the filmmaker obviously didn't want to sidestep. The ending had integrity and also left me feeling the lack of resolution that clearly characterized these interesting, messed-up guys' lives.

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Too slow moving film about people who are not interesting to me in the least; some good acting doesn't count for much.

Fat straight guy and average friend loose girl friends, fat guy still digs chicks, other guy digs guys. End of story. Very boring.

my second review:

The portrayal of the two men was engaging; serious stuff. I too thought the quality of the film left something to be desired.

good story. dialogue is gritty and real. I liked the way the characters were portrayed, the actors did a good job. directing was clean and direct. good film.

I enjoyed the interaction of how friendships endure emotional issues as men.

It was o.k.but couldn't figure out if they were going to form a relationship or not. For a gay guy it seemed to me, at least, he was faking it as far as trying to form a relationship with another gay guy. Everything was too tentative for me and couldn't feel any interest in either one of them.

I kind of enjoyed this, not so much. Again, 1999 Blue Collar Chicago, I honestly cannot relate to personally. Overall, high quality film, but in real life ? I dont know anyone who lives like this anymore and so many Fandor gay films seem to be film noir. So old school. There are happy endings you know.....

Good casting. Great Acting. Appreciated that the gay character was normal, not some preconceived Hollywood bullshit gay character that's a straight director's notion of what a gay man acts like, all faggy and phony.

I enjoyed the movie although unfortunately, the actual quality of the film (the sound was terrible) made it difficult to enjoy.

Interesting film with some good acting,and production values.

I like it


I LIKED THIS MOVIE. Straightmen need to come to grips with their sexuality.

haven't seen this for a few years - loved it - Ben Redgrave is a great actor and brings ghumanity and diginity to the role - beautiful work - more Redgrave please!

what two guys interact like this?

"Straightman" was okay; nothing spectacular.

The lives of two male friends, one straight and one coming-out gay, are intertwined as they adjust to each other and interact with ex-girlfriends. It was fairly interesting although I have to say I didn't like any of the characters. The ending left me feeling empty. It has a real quality to it, especially the acting of the two leads

Interesting character study. Unlike some of the other reviewers I appreciated the "naturalness" in the way the characters were presented. They spoke, acted and reacted like real people. It reminded me of Cassevetes' "Shadows" as it felt as if they may have relied on some improv. Sure the movie meandered a bit and the budget seemed pretty low. However this didn't take away from the experience for me. I was most impressed by Ben Redgrave's honest performance. Good but not Great "slice of life" film.

This movie was boring the guys were not even cute and the plot SUCKED!

Ok. It was probably more "earthy" than I expected. It seemed like the story line had these two guys living on the edge of poverty...and almost like it was that way because one was gay and one was dumped by his girlfriend. Somewhat stereotypical

Interesting.... the "bath" coming out scene was very prolific...

ok...pic and sound good

The actors were very real and had talent, but allowing them to stutter endlessly through the dialogue made the characters appear dull. It's poor direction to allow actors who CAN'T handle improv to improvise. A glimpse of life portrayed here and some nice developments but inconclusive and ultimately pointless. I don't demand a plot wrapped up with a tidy ending, but a film only benefits with some intent. This was like watching some students play at making a movie with no purpose in mind.

Choppy and confusing storyline. Poor acting. Loved the soundtrack. Not the best editing or directing.

Horrible. The actors stutter and stammer through the dialogue and at the end I was left wondering what the point of the movie was.

great flick--acting--good

great movie! even with the production value, the story and main characters kept you watching, and careing!

Good acting. Plausible story well told. Is worth watching.


not good

Will go back to view this film.