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also known as Huo shao gong lian si

Story in Temple Red Lily1979

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  • 3.2
THE STORY IN TEMPLE RED LILY is based upon ancient Chinese folklore about the corruption of the Shaolin Temple. Legend has it during the Sung Dynasty, the Temple Red Lily was briefly occupied by usurpers to the Throne. This rare Kung Fu movie reunites classic stars of the Hong Kong film industry, including the legendary boot master, Tan Tao Liang, the graceful Chia Ling, the hard-working Lung Fei and martial arts bad boy Lung Ti. THE STORY IN TEMPLE RED LILY features a large supporting cast of film veterans who bring this complex tale of treachery and intrigue to the screen.



Member Reviews (5)

Love it,put more karates up and westerns i love these type of movies

This is HORRIBLE!! stopped in the first minute of it! I totally hate the western voice overs…Asian people don't speak like that..just plain horrible!!

This sucks!