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Station Drama1990

  • 2.6
STATION DRAMA is a silent, black-and-white Super-8 film from RIGHT HAND SHADE, the fourth and final section of my twelve film series TALES OF THE FORGOTTEN FUTURE. This section explores via collage cutouts, thematics related to the genres of the bio-pic, home movies and the actuality film. It stars dancer/choreographer Paula Clements Sager as a fictional early 20th century aviatrix that was inspired by "West with the Night," the autobiography of real life early aviation hero Beryl Markham. Combining cutouts with live action superimpositions of old media (a metal record, a radio dial and a nickelodeon), the story follows the fabled life of my fictional aviatrix from childhood to circus and WWI fame that brings on a personal crisis. This film is one of my personal favorites of all my work but also, is unfortunately, one of the least known and seen. I am very grateful to Fandor for giving it a chance to find a new audience. - Lewis Klahr

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Member Reviews (1)

The use of simple cut-out animation is so endearing, and at the same time, because of the texture and the careful placement, it holds its own elegance. Helpful to know that simple techniques like this can have both a silliness and a seriousness to them.