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Stanley Takes a Trip1947

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  • 3.3
The importance of a balanced diet, told in story form for children through the medium of two-dimensional cut-out animation. Stanley is a little boy who is lethargic from lack of a balanced diet. Some animals take him for a trip on the back of a "train engine" bull, to discover what are the proper foods for health and where they come from.



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top reviewer

Well, neither the animation nor the story are particularly interesting. The real value of a film like this is the nostalgia of old educational films. And I'm glad this site has some and I wish they had more because they are fun. I do have to say though that the vegetables Stanley gets in this film--carrots, cabbage, and potatoes--are pretty lame. What 8 year old is like "I am so pumped to get this head of cabbage! It's so fun!!!" Maybe these are the only vegetables that grow in the frozen wasteland that is Canada.