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also known as Zmruz oczy

Squint Your Eyes2002

  • 2.3
Tracking a few outcasts, malingerers and delinquents as they work hard at hardly working in the Polish countryside, SQUINT YOUR EYES slyly raises important questions about parents and children, strivers and slackers (and how each defines success and happiness). But, like much of the classic Eastern European humanistic cinema of the 1960s, it focuses its true aims on more important matters, like contemplating the perfection of a summer day. Zbigniew Zamachowski stars as Jasiek, a genial ex-teacher and philosopher who has left behind his urban life and its worries to become the custodian of an abandoned rural farm. His downtime days are interrupted by the unexpected arrival of ten year old firebrand Mala, his former student who has run away from her uptight yuppie parents. More comfortable with Jasiek's laid-back philosophies and the farm's visiting cast of ex-cons, dimwitted poets and preteen hooligans than with her parents' well-pressed outfits and buzzing cell phones, Mala sees no reason to ever go home, at least until her parents, the farm's owners and the police all arrive. Others come and go as well, often making more noise than sense, but the film's revelations remain confidently fixated on Jasiek's appealing calm and towards a country sky more mesmerizing than words. - Jason Sanders

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Member Reviews (1)

I love this film, but it made me very sad. It seems places where people could be happy don't last. The film explained that in a poetic way.