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also known as Clair de lune espagnol

Spanish Clair de Lune1909

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  • 3.7
A jealous scene at a cantina takes an unexpected turn when the spurned lover’s suicide leap is intercepted by a UFO. Émile Cohl borrows liberally from Georges Méliès’s classic A TRIP TO THE MOON (1902) but his fantasy of celestial redemption is full of irreverent touches.



Member Reviews (7)

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top reviewer

Very cute early sci fi. Keep them coming.

top reviewer

Possibly the first film version of alien abduction. Another unique piece from one of the most original filmmakers.

top reviewer

This film really made me feel bad for the poor Man in the Moon. Pedro was a jerk.

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top reviewer

I have to say, the moon sequence really saddened me. I appreciate the beauty and absurdity and high quality of this, but that was the main affect for me. Sadness.

A kooky classic!


short, sweet.