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also known as Beyond 1984

SpaceDisco One2007

  • 2.3
  • passes the bechdel test
In this sequel of sorts to both LOGAN’S RUN and 1984, George Orwell's Winston Smith runs into the daughters of Logan 5 and Francis 7 as they're busy running amok in a park, shooting laser beams at one another. A roller-skating rink in space, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA references and a Ministry of Truth (also known as Universal CityWalk) are all part of this psychedelic sci-fi odyssey.

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When did Utopia become Dystopia? That is the Daily Double for tail-end Boomers/first-string Generation X: when did the promise of “The Future” become the disillusion of the present? In this age of handheld, hypermedia monster-tech, where are the Moon Colonies and Jet Packs?

Damon Packard explores this conundrum through cinematic metaphors. Packard sees a future-that-never was in the sci-fi fantasy adventures of the late 70’s and early 80’s…“Logan’s Run” and “Battlestar Galactica”…space operas set in a holographic cosmos filled with light diamonds and the sound of Moogs.

This pop culture ideal has been replaced by the dour reality of today, which Packard compares to Michael Radford’s version of “1984.” Indeed, what would Orwell think of our crass landscape of cable news, reality shows, and viral video?

Packard orchestrates a mind-numbing battle: flashing lights of the video arcade versus the washed-out signal of surveillance tape. This is a chaotic, at times maddening exploration, but it has the rebellious spirit of great underground movies of the past. This is a film for daring space explorers.

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So bad it is good, D list movie that makes you stop and wonder what people were thinking when they made this.

If there is going to be a movie like this, no thanks. It is stupid, plastic weapons, a baby's toy car panel for torture??

Seems like a mock-u-mentry. Like a film about making a film. I did not like and did not hate it. Wish I could be more helpful. I had seen Logans run many many years ago and was familiar with Battlestar Gallactica but missed Francis 7. It might have had some snarky humor but not funny enough for a LOL outburst. I was 100% sober when I saw it. (Hint Hint).