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also known as Pairon Talle

Soul of Sand2010

  • 3.3
A watchman and his wife living at an abandoned mine find themselves trapped in the brutal schemes of their tyrannical landlord in this suspenseful, visually striking drama set on the urban outskirts of Delhi. When the landlord offers his daughter to a wealthy potential buyer of the mine, she and her lower-caste lover run away. The watchman reluctantly helps them, but a sinister masked killer dispatched to hunt down the runaways endangers them all. A searing take on the politics of caste and money in a rapidly developing economy, Sidharth Srinivasan’s eccentric thriller delves into the dark interstices between Indian modernity and tradition.

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Member Reviews (4)

top reviewer

I failed to empathize with the passive protagonist. Depressing, actually.

Brutally Violence-Blood Bath, Must Watch Movie !!!

very well made film,really holds my attention,greek tragedy-everybody dies at the end