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S.O.S. Iceberg1933

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  • 3.5
In a departure from the trademark Alpine settings of Arnold Fanck's Bergfilme ("Mountain Films"), S.O.S. ICEBERG (S.O.S. EISBERG) takes place off the coast of Greenland, where an explorer, Karl Lorenz (Gustav Diessl), is stranded on a steadily-eroding iceberg. A rescue crew, led by the heroic Johannes Krafft (Sepp Rist), reaches Prof. Lorenz, but also becomes stranded, as does Mrs. Lorenz (Leni Riefenstahl), who crashes her plane while trying to land in the icy waters of the North Atlantic. Surrounded by polar bears on their shrinking iceberg, the explorer and his would-be rescuers battle the elements, and each other, while waiting for a miracle.



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"German dare-devil and future Luftwaffe test pilot Ernst Udet did all the flying and the cast includes Nazi poster girl and filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl, making her final appearance as an actress (and stuntwoman)." - Shari Kizirian, Keyframe

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The early B&W footage of Greenland was quite unique and wonderful to watch -- icebergs calving, etc. However, film is weak on plot, as it felt more like a "vehicle" for this unique footage, rather than having the plot drive the choice of location. Its a bit long given this -- but was from another era, 1933.

Pretty amazing footage and "stunts" (they probably just called acting). Almost more of a nature film than a narrative, but very compelling most of the time.

I really enjoy films set in the arctic and this one has great cinematography. The scenery is the main character in this one as a it's man vs. nature set up. This film can be stressful at times because it is clear that the stunts are real and so was the danger in filming them. I quite enjoyed watching the cast hop from iceberg to smaller iceberg to even smaller icebergs and also the rescue attempt via plane. Thumbs up for the one female character who was a fearless dare devil intent on rescuing her man from the floes. I will probably watch it again.

Most excellent. Cannot compare it to anything.

Scenery is beyond fabulous and how they shot this when they did is a testament to the fact they don`t make them like they used to.

Film quality was excellent. Acting and directing was good. Awesome scenes of icebergs. And of course escape anxiety was nicely developed. Great to watch in a snowstorm.