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Somebody Goofed1998

  • 3.4
Eric Henry, Syd Garon and Rodney Ascher appropriate one of fundamentalist comic book artist Jack Chick’s short “Chick tracts” designed to illustrate Christian doctrine. In this case, a young boy in the city is led astray by an older friend who disparages a sidewalk sermonizer (“2,500 years from tonight, you will remember this meeting!”). After a train-wreck leaves the nonbelievers in hell, the naysayer reveals himself to the boy as the devil in disguise. Remarkably faithful to Chick’s original, SOMEBODY GOOFED nonetheless accentuates the dystopic quality of the comic by dramatizing odd details in the illustrations and shrouding the images in distended electronic music by the likes of DJ Shadow, J.G. Thirwell and Wendy Carlos.

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Member Reviews (2)

Hard to satirize something which is already as unintentionally satirical as a Jack Chick comic, but this short film nailed it.

This animation style is so silly and enjoyable to watch! Can't believe it's actually a genuinely evangelical video hahhaha I kept waiting for the punch line! Really excited to pull from these techniques of animation in my own work.