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Solo: Out of a Dream2014

  • 3.5
In 1994, eleven year old Leonardo, was portrayed in the Award-winning documentary SOLO: THE LAW OF THE FAVELA. His dream was to become a soccer player, to escape the poverty and violence of the slum in Rio de Janeiro. As a result of the film, Leonardo was invited to join Dutch topclub Feyenoord at the age of fourteen. He made his dream come true: he was a professional player for Feyenoord and Ajax, and in his later days went on to play in Austria, Hungary and Germany. Now thirty-one, rich and famous, he travels back to Rio de Janeiro to meet old friends, against the background of the world championships in Brasil. SOLO, OUT OF A DREAM tells the story of a life that was destined for the camera. Leonardo realizes that nothing can be won without loss.

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