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Soldiers of Paint2012

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  • 3.3
SOLDIERS OF PAINT follows a dramatic battle involving 5,000 people who re-stage the Invasion of Normandy, or D-Day, in Oklahoma. Instead of bullets they use paint and it's any man's game, which means the Germans could win! And these guys are serious. They spend all year preparing their battle strategies (including finding ways to spy on each other) and on game day they come ready to fight with full-size tanks, airplanes, and bazookas. The battle takes place each year on a 700-acre piece of land owned by Dewayne Convirs, who takes on this endeavor as a tribute to his grandfather and, ultimately, in support of our veterans. It's a character-driven story with a plenty of action, drama and humor that is sure to appeal to cineastes, paintball enthusiasts and military buffs alike.

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top reviewer

I don't care what your topic is - zamboni drivers or rock collectors - if you don't have interesting personalities within your documentary, then it's a moot point. Not one person in "Soldiers of Paint" has gravitas, screen presence, or general conversational aptitude. This same problem reared its head in "Cartoon College" and, to a lesser degree, "Adjust Your Tracking". Some people just aren't interesting enough to have a camera pointed at them. Process of elimination works for a reason.