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Solar Sight2011

  • 3.7
In describing the foundations for SOLAR SIGHT, artist Lawrence Jordan writes, "A question I had in mind was: what's the place of the human being in the cosmos? More and more we think about what is 'beyond.' Less and less is art concerned. I don't know why. The question seems a bit grandiose but I approached it quite simply. I have never worked with color photography as primary background to cut-out animation before. I was surprised that the result was so powerful (helped by John Davis' very resonant music). It was liberating to release human figures into an apperception of suggested space, along with the primordial enigma of the revolving sphere."

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Very engaging, beautiful colors and imagery. It leans on the long side, and yet I felt enraptured for almost the entire time.

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Very engaging, beautiful colors and imagery. It leans on the long side, and yet I felt enraptured for almost the entire time.

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I haven't really been a fan of experimental animation cut-out and stop-motion films but this one is very sophisticated and unique. I really recommend it.

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why aren't you available in my region? that's so sad aff.

It's unfortunate that such an intersting visual designer must make the pretense that he's telling a story. That's what this is - visual design, and that should be enough to enjoy it. If there is a story here, then Jordan has utterly failed to tell it. The result is that each viewer may or may not tell thier own story which is equally valuable, thereby being equally worthless. There is no brilliance here, other than the source material that the artist used, but did not make. It's eye candy, much like the visual design of a Tim Burton or any other designer come director.

As with most of his work, one is either able to appreciate it for what a painstakingly tedious medium the artist ( director ), is working in or not. I find just watching it with a open mindset to be key. His work, much like painting, I find pulls each mind to its ownership. Creating feelings,emotions,ideas from the past, etc., visually. We can read & understand his thoughts orlet our own take shape. I always watch his work before reading his ideas when makeing his films. They for me, are a complex, visual storytelling. Unlike any other artist, the mark of all great visionaries, truly unique & universal.

A most peculiar juxtaposition of art and the history of the planet.