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So Wrong They're Right1995

  • 4.0
SO WRONG THEY'RE RIGHT chronicles a 10,000 mile journey around the U.S. in search of “trackers,” fanatical collectors of 8-track tapes, those funky clunky pre-recorded plastic cartridges from the 1970s. Director Russ Forster and cinematographer Dan Sutherland capture over twenty interviews, brimming with reminiscences, rants, political diatribes, fantasies, fix-it tips, sales pitches and everything else that defines the skeptical yet inquisitive mind of the 8-track enthusiast. More than a film about pop-music nostalgia, it serves as a statement of outrage from a population of consumers who are tired of being told what to consume.

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"...demonstrates the exuberance of a true believer." - David Sanjek, PopMatters

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top reviewer

I am unable to articulate why, but this documentary is magic. This has become an essential film.

I suspect it was filmed in 1994. This movie not only captures interesting people who really loved 8 Track Tapes, it takes an alternative snapshot of the early 1990's. This is a fun and consistently eccentric film.

See it.

top reviewer

many great moments! very funny! "HISTORY IS BECOMING DISCONTINUOUS"

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top reviewer

Wonderfully, creative title cards/graphic design suited to the 8-track trek theme. Great interviews with knowledgeable people in the 8-track scene. And, yes, they do care more about the music than your average audiophile for whom the specs on a $10,000 piece of stereo equipment is what matters. Terrific documentary for 8-trackers, hipsters, '70's nostalgia tyoes, thrift store hopheads, aging punks, rockers and/or metal boomers.