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  • 3.9
  • passes the bechdel test
A restless and abrasive young woman eschews the affections of a sensitive young portrait artist, preferring to chase singers in a misguided desire for fame and fortune in New York's Greenwich Village. Featuring a soundtrack by New Wave icons the Feelies, Susan Seidelman's first feature film is a classic look at the 1980s New York punk scene.

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Official selection of the 1982 Toronto International Film Festival.

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totally cool_love the girl& richard hell is cool 2_it's weird being young & broke in NY

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totally cool_love the girl& richard hell is cool 2_it's weird being young & broke in NY

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Ahh to be young, poor, and still able to live in NYC. Those days are long gone, but captured so well in this film. Yes, the plot is a tad thin, but really, this film is about aesthetic - when filmmaking was more real and less digital. It captures a zeitgeist and time period that is long gone. I am old enough to vaguely remember the music, but not old enough to get a sense of what things were like in Greenwich Village back in the day. This film isn't about characters it's about a time period, a look, a style, and an ethos. It's the perfect time capsule that captures the time between punk's reign and New Wave's more permanent impact.

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Director Susan Seidelman helmed what was to be was the first American independent film invited to compete for the Palme D'or at the 1982 Cannes Film Festival.

From "Breakfast at Tiffany's" to Lena Dunham's "Tiny Furniture," the basic premise of a young woman struggling to make it in New York is still ruthlessly on point.

Also stars punk rock legend Richard Hell.

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Fun film. This supposedly played some pretty big festivals back in the day. It shows a beautiful side of New York City that is long lost.

Engaging, and non-Hollywood.

Although the main characters are total jerks, I like this movie. Basically, this girl with no talent named Wren wants to be part of the punk scene and wants to leech onto Eric (Richard Hell) because he was in a semi-quasi-not really successful band that made a record. This girl acts like she's important and is always telling people she's got some business meeting or a million other places to spend her time, but she's full of it. There is another guy, Paul, who lives in a van. He for some reason really seems to like Wren, but she will only hang out with him when she has nothing else to do.

This movie has a run down gritty look to it, which I think is perfect. The music in it is pretty good too, a Richard Hell song, and the rest is mostly movie scoring, but it is a score that is perfect for the time period and adds to the gritty feel of the movie.

Now a little more about Wren. She's such a horrible person, that it's satisfying to watch her landlady throw her out and dump water on her from an upstairs window, or when Eric ditches her after they rob some poor sap and takes off with all of the money. Even Paul finally leaves. The ending is sort of vague, but I'm fairly certain that Wren has no other option besides prostitution. She just seems to spend the whole movie spewing all this nonsense about how important she is, how big things are happening for her, all while treating everyone around her like crap if they aren't some stepping stone for her. She's little more than a wanna-be groupie who thinks she's a rock star. What I can't tell is if she is truly delusional, or if she is just trying to convince herself that her life is not truly as bad as it is. I'm pretty sure she has an inkling, but maybe just can't bring herself to face it. Either way, good movie!

great film!

Such a fun and creative film, coming out of the No Wave film movement. Super great. I of course love the over view of the lifestyle and I found myself LOVING Wren. I knew that was gonna happen to her, though. I really related to her character as a woman and person as well. I just feel its a cautionary tale in not treating people who want to help you like shit or taking them for grant, lol.

Great soundtrack. Interesting eye candy. Boring story line. Historically significant.

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An interesting portrait of the indifference of youth in 1980s grimy, Greenwich Village.